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Roland R-26

The R-26’s design prioritizes ease of use over all else. The two input knobs are large and easy to operate, letting you make fine adjustments to your input levels. Other controls that you’ll be using often are provided as dedicated hardware switches. It’s easy to know which switch to use at a glance, enabling intuitive,stress-free operation in any situation

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The R-26’s editing capabilities allow you to edit your sound recordings on the spot. In addition to basic functions such as selecting, copying, moving, and deleting projects, you can also split, merge, and delete (trim) sections. This lets you to complete your editing work right on the R-26.




Discover True Multi-Dimensional Sound

Built-In Stereo Mics

At the top of the R-26 are OMNI (omnidirectional) and XY (directional) stereo mic pairs, which not only provide pro-level sound, but also contribute to the unit’s impressive styling. To maximize their sound-collecting characteristics, we thoroughly studied the optimum shapes, positions, and angles of the mics. The OMNI mics are entirely enclosed in a mesh and optimized to faithfully capture sounds down to super-low frequencies. The XY mics have been given ample space at the back of the unit, maximizing their performance. Additionally, the mics are laid out in a 90° configuration to create a natural stereo image. This ensures that your recordings will be clear, expansive, and true to the recording environment.

External Inputs

Two XLR/TRS combo mic inputs are built into the R-26, plus an input for a stereo plug-in powered mic, which can be combined simultaneously with the internal mics. At a live concert, for example, the R-26 can capture a stereo mix from the FOH mixer via its XLR inputs, as well as the ambient audience noise via its built-in stereo mics.

Six-Channel Simultaneous Recording

The R-26 allows up to six channels of simultaneous recording (three stereo pairs). Capture the same sound source with three different types of microphones, both internal and external. This provides a new level of flexibility after the fact, as you can choose from the individual tracks or composite mixes.

High-resolution recording

High-resolution, 24-bit/96 kHz linear PCM recording is supported, and you can choose between WAV and BWF file types, with the latter providing timestamping and other info. The R-26 also supports MP3, and you can record to WAV/BWF and MP3 formats simultaneously.

New-Tech Advantage

The R-26 features Roland’s latest DSP engine, which allows simultaneous recording of up to six channels (three stereo channels). A large LCD touchscreen display lets you directly navigate menus for customizing the microphone settings, editing waveforms, and so on. It also features large input-level knobs for making precise adjustments.


The R-26 is equipped with a multitude of convenient functions that help you achieve your recording objectives with ease. One such function is Prerecording, where your recording actually begins two seconds before you initiate it. This ensures you won’t miss the very beginning of a recording, even when you’re late in pressing the Record button. This is a great feature for capturing environmental sounds as they occur, such as chirping birds.

USB Connectivity

You can connect the R-26 to your computer for use as an audio interface or for external storage. As a strage device, a USB cable is all you need to send data at high speed to your PC. The R-26 also functions as a USB audio interface for your PC (Windows or Mac), allowing you to send the sound you’ve captured on its built-in stereo mics or external mics/devices directly to your favorite DAW program. This functionality is also perfect for capturing high-quality audio for Internet streaming applications, such as music performance videos.

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