Roland XPS-10 Synthesizer

Roland XPS-10 Synthesizer
XPS-10 is an entry model synthesizer but pro-quality. Intuitive user interface allows you to operate directly and easily.  Ethnic musical instrument tones are included. In addition, users can add their own tones by “Sample Import” function. New suggestions including “AUDIO PAD” are also available for expanding your imagination in your live performance. 

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Killer Tones

  • More than 1,500 sounds are built in, centered mainly on sounds that are indispensable for any music scene, such as piano, organ, strings, brass and synth. Many sounds are derived from JUNO-Di.
  • Sounds from legendary Roland products (D-50, XP-60/30/10, SRX expansion series, etc.) which have been recognized around the world as having gained classic status are provided.
  • We have also added ethnic instruments and local instruments from around the world, including numerous sought-after sounds.

Sample Import

  • Sounds imported from a USB flash drive into the XPS-10 can be assigned to pitches and played from the keyboard.
  • In addition to original sounds, you are also free to add your favorite sounds like ethnic instruments and local instruments to expand your sounds.


  • Audio file (WAV, AIFF and MP3) saved on a USB flash drive can be played using the AUDIO PAD.
  • You can use this to play back sound effects or backing tracks during your live performances.
  • You can select loop on/off and set loop points for playing the audio files.


  • “SOUND MODIFY” sliders allow you an instant access to important parameters such as CUTTOFF, RESONANCE, ATTACK, RELEASE and more.
  • You can use the sound buttons to directly select a variety of sounds.
  • It’s easy to make “SPLIT” settings, which, for example, let you play piano with your right hand and bass with your left; or “DUAL” settings, which allow you to layer sounds such as piano and strings.
  • The FAVORITE function lets you register frequently-used sounds, and instantly switch between them during your live performances.

User Scale

  • Essential for ethnic music, you can adjust the scale for each note individually by 1 cent increments.
  • The Quarter Tone function allows you to quickly adjust the pitch a quarter tone lower or higher. All of your settings can be memorized into the XPS-10 for instant recall.


The compact and lightweight design (only 4.0 kg) is highly mobile. Great sound that meets professional demands can easily be carried by one person from home to studio or stage.


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